• Global air cargo, import

• Global air freight, export

• Global sea cargo, import, both to load containers full

• Global ocean freight, export, both to load containers full

• Service specializes in full container load and from Miami, USA and / or any source within USA.

• MAGAYA system with which customers through a password may have direct access to the hold of Codotrans, Inc. in Miami, and display of merchandise revenue, photographs, copies of invoices and packing lists and more with a single click

• Agent of Customs, complete service for air freight or sea, in both import and export

• Quote within 48 hrs

• Local transport service, both for imports and exports in Guatemala City, and throughout the Republic of Guatemala

• Service-consolidated international land transport from Mexico to Guatemala City

• Complete documentation,

• Printing B / L's in situ

• International land transport service to other countries in Central America



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